On autism and communicating~

I want to tell you about an incredible experience I had involving your beautiful necklace. I work with a boy who is on the autistic spectrum. He is high functioning, but does not speak to me. I was working with him in his classroom, sitting next to him as usual, but he was gazing at my necklace. This beautiful, reticent boy started asking me about the necklace and we engaged in a conversation about the stones and the materials it was made from. Christi, it was miraculous, I haven't been able to reach this boy. He usually stares at me and does not respond to anything that I say. He was so interested in my necklace that he initiated and sustained a conversation with me.

Your beautiful necklace that he was so attracted to, became a tool for therapy and communication. Since this experience this lovely boy has been communicating with me more. 

I want you to know that your incredible, magnificent energy is infused in your jewelry. 

You never know what will reach a child. When something unexpected, like your necklace, brings a child out of his own world it is absolutely extraordinary!! Your necklace is much more than a beautiful piece of jewelry to me. Thank you for this beautiful gift!

I love you!!!! 

Your works calls to me on such a deep level and I want others to have the chance to experience it too. I have brought your jewelry exclusively with me [on my trip] as I knew they would be powerful protectors. I’ve got past life stuff here and was unsure as to how hard it would be and wanted as many tools on my side as possible so thank you for doing the work you do.

This is without a doubt, one of the most unique experiences I've had purchasing jewelry. Not only was the jewelry absolutely divine, but the packaging, detail and everything in its entirety. Receiving instructions on how to care for your jewels, history behind their meaning and the quality of the jewelry exceeds my expectations. By far, my favorite purchase this far. Please keep creating!

Oh my goodness Christi! It’s even more beautiful in person!! Thank you for your sweet note—I am grateful for you and the magic you bring to the world.

I wanted to tell you how absolutely perfect the scorpio pendant is and what a fabulous gift it made!!! My boyfriend is amazed and touched by it. It looks like he was destined to wear it. The talisman resonates with his spirit and whole being...it has definitely found its home.
Beautifully stunning piece. Thank you for making it. 
And thank you for the impeccable presentation with the box, card stock, and rose quartz stone. Absolutely love all of it...tremendous attention to detail! Couldn't be happier...

I have no words. This is the most amazing gift from a very special childhood friend. As soon as I placed it on my finger I could feel the love that she put into making it. Christi, I will never be able to repay you for this, it means the world to me. I love you and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please everyone if you are looking for a special gift, she does amazing work.

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I believe we each hold a line to our past when we were deeply conscious of our kindred connection with the earth, the heavens, and everything around us… I am here to create talismans for you that will assist in evoking the freedom or connection you seek. It is my honor and joy to give a sort of bridge back into these ways.

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