What is Lumino?

I call my collection of work LUMINO, which is Latin for I brighten or I shine, like a star.

I hope the things that I make for you enable you to do just that.

In the studio


In the dirt


Where do the pieces come from?

The necessities for knowing: quiet, earth and that is all. Then I listen…


Humans and rocks, plants, the dirt of the earth

we have all been together for a very long time. At some mysterious point back in the depths of our history, we began adorning ourselves with bits and pieces of what we would find during our travels about the land. Things we would hold dear because not only were they pretty, but they were sacred. Sometimes we carved symbols into their surfaces and attributed power to them, using them as our assistants in various endeavors.

I believe we each hold a line to our past when we were deeply conscious of our kindred connection with the earth, the heavens, and everything around us. We feel a deep resonation of awe when we reconnect with this—whether climbing an alpine mountain peak, diving into an ocean, caught a little too close to a thunderstorm, riding a galloping horse across a meadow, relaxing next to a forest stream. In all of these things there is a moment where we feel that we are no longer separate from what is around us. We say it's beautiful. We feel free. 

That beauty and freedom is our spirit in its true essence. We may need a reminder to be as fluid as water, the resolution to be as sturdy as earth, or the inner heat to be as bold as fire. Perhaps we feel more of a connection with one of these elements in our enchantment with the sea, or our primal passion for flames. I am here to create talismans for you that will assist in evoking the freedom or connection you seek. It is my honor and joy to give a sort of bridge back into these ways.

Each piece I make is a dance with other worlds wherein I bring ideas back here for you to use as talismans into your own wild places. I believe reclaiming our truths and essence is a form of healing very needed in the world and I work in reverence, using pieces of our powerful earth to form this gateway.

I call my collection of work Lumino, which is Latin for "I brighten" or "I shine", like a star. I hope the things that I make for you enable you to do just that.

Christi Pier
Creator of Lumino Talismans & Jewelry

I believe prayers are answered, but the inquirer must work faithfully and open-heartedly, traveling on a path that fulfills the necessary work and actions to answer this prayer.