Past Pieces

A library of sorts to show pieces I have made over the years.

If you’d like a custom order like something you see, just let me know. I’ll be happy to work with you!


Custom order for BOHEME APOTHECA


SPIRITA Collection

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Sterling silver, Noreena jasper & turquoise

The idea for this pendant came about in a most serendipitous way! I sat at my bench with the selection of stone—rich, red Noreena Jasper and southwestern turquoise—and placed my pencil to silver. Sometimes a piece requests I freely sketch directly on silver with no predestined path as to the outcome (and my, what magic happens when this spirals into other areas of life!). After several minutes of drawing, a loose bell shape appeared and my mind instantly went to a vague memory of a story about ‘bell’ + ‘Sedona’. Now: I know next to nothing about Sedona, only that it calls to me and I would like to visit there. I did a search for ‘bell’ + ‘Sedona’ and lo and behold I came upon a rock, the rock, the vortex, that looks so much like the drawing.

I decided then and there many things, but among them was that this pendant shall be for the person who feels that unmistakable pull to a place. There is a bird to represent your journey there, and two moons to represent the time. I crafted this with the intention of instilling an ease to your path in meeting the places that call.




Sterling silver, bumblebee jasper & southwest turquoise

This stone! It is a piece of bumblebee jasper, and it has Pedernal in it—the famous mountain in New Mexico painted by Georgia O’Keeffe. She has been an inspiration to me for as far back as I can remember. She lived life the way she wanted to live it, despite what the time, others, or society had to say. Once she discovered her beloved New Mexico, her art exploded into a lifetime of creation that did not stop until she could no longer paint.

I created this piece as a self empowerment talisman, for your own journey into the places you want to be, despite barriers and fear. The yellow of the stone richly invigorates the solar plexus energies that hold your vital creative essence. A vein of bright orange within the mountain in the stone is a little extra fire, I like to think. And I swear I see a white comet on the left shooting up towards the heavens.




Sterling silver, agate & turquoise

This piece of yellow agate looks to have the sun right in it. This entire piece came about from this stone, it was the spark of light. It said: Please put a sunburst of silver around me, and pair me with that turquoise you have that looks like cracked earth beneath water reflecting the sky—then I will go out and be worn upon my person sparking light wherever we go, like diamonds! So I did just that.

Strung upon a piece of supremely soft deerskin leather that you can tie wherever you choose, fitting for any adventure!




Sterling silver, landscape jasper, and deerskin leather

A round piece of landscape jasper with a desert scene, a mountain range of rust-colored rock, and birds flying in the sky—it is like looking through a round window to a dreamscape, a rock dream of a desert planet. I put a silver bird flying upward, topped with a triangle for guiding to Source.




Sterling silver, mookaite jasper & turquoise

A stone of mookaite, red like the western Australian earth from where it came, or perhaps like the sunset we see when looking west, or Jupiter when looking out. There is a certain way the south and west calls to our hearts. I feel the deep warm colors of the earth there offering a unique and potent way for the heart to open. We spiral in, to what is real and true in our hearts. The earth and cosmos do not offer falsities. When we listen to their wisdoms, we are pulled around and around, deeper, into the things we have always known.

This piece has been crafted to pull you into your own truths. A piece of southwestern turquoise reminds the heart of what can be learned when we look to the sky.




Sterling silver, moonstone & turquoise

A sterling silver crescent moon has been forged to have a rocky crater texture much like our own moon. It encases a nugget of turquoise, and a piece of moonstone hangs below with flashes of blues that mirror the turquoise.

Moonstone is said to enhance the gentle knowing of our intuition, the voice of guidance we can always hear when we listen. The moon affects the earth’s tides as it does our inner seas, thus we are always within our own Moon Journey—navigating the ebb and flow along our path.




Mother of pearl and sterling silver

A sterling silver crescent moon has been forged to have a rocky crater texture much like our own moon. It encases a piece of mother of pearl and when it catches the light it seems to have an infinite depth. Four handmade silver beads encircle the stone.




Amethyst, Peruvian opal, turquoise & sterling silver

A piece of amethyst has quartz within, in the shape of a sharp mountain peak, pointing up toward the sky—places beyond where our spirit flies free. Amethyst is said to bring courage to our journey of the self, a stone that can help in walking our truths. I have combined it with two stones that I believe enhance the ascendant properties of the amethyst.

A piece of desert turquoise offers protection, and strength in expressing our voice.

The third stone is Peruvian opal and the pattern on this one looks like a white and pure stream running through earth, it makes me think of crystalline energy flowing with ease through whatever obstacles arise. The plants from this land of the Amazon, and from where this stone came, teach us our limitless being when it is empowered with love.

I have crafted this talisman for you to use on your own path of ascending into the power of love. Its creation, as with all of the pieces I make, is overseen by a wise Huachuma cactus being who has sat next to my working space since the beginning of Lumino!



Moon Journey Pendants




Sterling silver, copper & Manassa turquoise

Two pieces of Manassa turquoise, out of the Colorado earth, hang from a sterling silver birds with a layer of copper behind them. Are they ravens? Or eagles? Perhaps they are hawks, or owls. What kind of bird do you often see when you look up to the sky? Who lands in your yard, or upon a tree where you walk? Whose song do you hear? Birds are seen throughout ancient stories around the world to be messengers. If we have a question in our life, a mystery to wander through, one will arrive to give you an answer—for upon their wings they bring vision to your heart.




Sterling silver & mother of pearl

I sawed this design into the earrings that made me think of two wings holding a spark of light—they also feel like a small piece of a picture in stained glass from a medieval church, a flower perhaps.

Two round drops of mother of pearl hang to reflect all the light that comes to them.




A thick band of hammered sterling silver & landscape jasper

A grand desert landscape encased in jasper, formed from layers of sediment and old time in the dry barren kingdom of rock. The lessons we can learn from earth are unending. Let this ring upon your finger remind you of the wisdom of stone.