My intention in making this jewelry is that it will help healing, on some level, which I know is quite an unusual idea because jewelry is simply a mere novelty to most people. I do believe though that stones have abilities to be therapeutic in ways we don’t understand—even if most people don’t believe this and dismiss it as crazy or nonsense. Maybe it is silliness, but maybe they are magical.
— Christi

On autism and communicating~

I want to tell you about an incredible experience I had involving your beautiful necklace. I work with a boy who is on the autistic spectrum. He is high functioning, but does not speak to me. I was working with him in his classroom, sitting next to him as usual, but he was gazing at my necklace. This beautiful, reticent boy started asking me about the necklace and we engaged in a conversation about the stones and the materials it was made from. Christi, it was miraculous, I haven't been able to reach this boy. He usually stares at me and does not respond to anything that I say. He was so interested in my necklace that he initiated and sustained a conversation with me.

Your beautiful necklace that he was so attracted to, became a tool for therapy and communication. Since this experience this lovely boy has been communicating with me more. 

I want you to know that your incredible, magnificent energy is infused in your jewelry. 

You never know what will reach a child. When something unexpected, like your necklace, brings a child out of his own world it is absolutely extraordinary!! Your necklace is much more than a beautiful piece of jewelry to me. Thank you for this beautiful gift!

I love you!!!! 

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I would love to hear, at any point in your life with a piece, if something extraordinary happens between you two. You can send me a message here. Blessings.