Collection by Lumino  |  Winter Season 2017

Symbols and stones that call to the myths, journeys, and stories of the North

And strange, sweet dreams,
Like silent streams
That from new fountains overflow

—Edgar Allen Poe

An inside look at things in progress

Behind the scenes in the studio, Outdoor adventures and inspiration, A window into The Land of Enchantment


Crafting Talismans in New Mexico

Lumino's studio is located in the rugged and wild Sandia Mountains of New Mexico. I embrace this as my sacred creative space. I make your jewels all by hand, using processes that have not changed much in thousands of years. I feel at home here, immersed in the ancient crafting method and surrounded by beautiful rocks. It is my pure joy that comes through in everything I make, along with assistance from creative spirits and voices of ancestors of course. Few things excite me more than old jewelry artifacts from eras long gone, kept intact by years of earth...or digging through boxes of dusty rocks some rockhound has been collecting all their life. I craft each piece after I have listened to a stone and sifted through the layers of story in my head—or, more often an idea is derived spontaneously and then I find it mirrors things I've yet to learn, so I suppose some of it is more of a remembering. I intend to pass the wisdom and meaning of age old symbols onto others, so that you may use them, and then the tree may grow.

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