Lumino in Asheville, North Carolina


After visiting the mountains of North Carolina this spring, I fell in love with the region and the town of Asheville. I experienced a series of opportunities that have made way for me to move my working studio to a building in Asheville's River Arts District. I am very excited for this new chapter! My vision when I set out with this venture years ago still holds true and this enables me to move closer and deeper into it.

During July, I will be busy moving my work and tools from New Mexico to North Carolina. Then, in August I plan to put my head back down at the bench and get cranking on a brand new collection of jewels!

You can stay updated on Instagram, my journal of sorts for photos, words, inspiration, and goings on. I will post more periodic updates here, and you can always join my mailing list as well.

Thank you, always, for your support, interest, and words of love. May you be well.

Christi Pier
Creator at Lumino

About Lumino

Each piece I make is a dance with other worlds wherein I bring ideas from those places back here for you to use as talismans into your own wild places. I believe walking into our truths and essence is an incredible form of healing—I work in reverence, using pieces of our powerful earth to form this gateway.

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