Collection by Lumino  |  November 2017

Symbols and stones that call to the myths, journeys, and stories of the North

And strange, sweet dreams,
Like silent streams
That from new fountains overflow

—Edgar Allen Poe

An inside look at things in progress

Behind the scenes in the studio, Outdoor adventures and inspiration, A window into The Land of Enchantment


Crafting Talismans in New Mexico

Lumino's studio is located in the rugged and wild Sandia Mountains of New Mexico. I embrace this as my sacred creative space. Each piece of jewelry, with hand forged silver and potent stones, becomes its own story while it is being worked into the final form. My intention is that this energy arrives to you, willing to bring the power of its enchantment into your life. Each element used to create your jewelry is handpicked for quality and that certain extra spark. It is then constructed with a fine artist's meticulous eye and workmanship.

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