Talismans & Jewelry

Handmade by Christi Pier, Silversmith


Sterling silver and hand-selected gems from the earth—

Crafted into jewels for your spirit, to accompany you on your path.


Talisman Collections


The CELESTIA Collection is a grouping of talismans made to honor the energies of the zodiac, to help in what ways they may be needed.

May they assist you where you feel surplus, lack, an imbalance, things you would like to grow or harness.


The Making of

A series of writings behind the inspiration and my explorations into astrology, of which this collection was the output.


The RUNA Collection is a series of talismans that call to the stories and mythologies of the North—inspired by the Norse pantheon and my journey to Iceland where I studied their relationship with the earth, their sagas, and ways of magic.


I make each piece by hand in my small studio in the mountains of New Mexico, with methods that have not changed much since the dawn of metalsmithing. It is an old art, and I approach with honor my work in this tradition where so many craftspeople have forged before me.

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