Custom Work



If you’d like something similar to a piece I have made

Or, let’s create an entirely new piece just for you:


Are you interested in working together on a piece of jewelry for your needs?

I am available to create something that resonates and is applicable to your journey. I have outlined below the typical way the process works.

If you feel called to connect in this way, I welcome your inquiry.


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I.  How It Begins

You can have an idea ranging from absent to concrete, I am happy to step alongside this idea and meet you with it, however far it has developed.

We can explore with stones to find one that supports you, should you want one in your piece.

You may have a specific intention to place behind the creation of this talisman: a spirit ally to honor and call, a weakness to strengthen, a fire to temper, a dream to manifest—whatever it may be I will attempt to conjure a symbol to represent the idea.


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II.  From Ether to Sketch

I will take your needs and fuse them into a sketch, and then we will gauge its power.

We will move forward accordingly:

I make the sketch more synchronous with your intention if needed, or we begin the next step.




III.  From Sketch to Silver & Stones

When we are ready to move from paper, my work begins on silver.

I transfer the sketch to metal, then I saw, hammer, file and solder it all together into its final form. 

It receives a process of polishing and aging to your aesthetic—shiny, dark, smooth, weathered, roughened, glossy, whichever way suits you. Or, you can leave it up to me.

I set the stone, if you have chosen one, into its place within your talisman.



Begin the process:

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