Collection by Lumino

Symbols and stones that call to the wonder and mystery of the inner journey


A collection of beaded necklaces and earrings

Hand-collected vintage metal, natural crystals and stones, wooden and metal beads, hand wrapped into unique one-of-a-kind pieces.


An inside look at things in progress

Behind the scenes in the studio, Outdoor adventures and inspiration, A window into The Land of Enchantment

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Jewels For Your Spirit, Handmade in New Mexico

Each element used to create your jewelry is handpicked for quality and then constructed with a fine artist's eye and workmanship. 

Lumino's studio, located in the Sandia Mountains of New Mexico, I hold as my sacred creative space—my process is filled with sunshine and joy. My hope is that this energy and the earthen materials within your piece enhance your own sunshine and joy.


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