Work provided:

Target audience research  •  User personas  •  Concepting of product  •  Gameification study  •  Information architecture  •  Prototype and Product wireframes  •  Iterative agile design  •  Usability studies for various phases of design  •  Visual design direction





Money Saving App with
Virtual Assistant + Voice Commands

  • Created a mobile application to aid USAA Members in saving money

  • Features gameification for engagement

  • Voice recognition to enable easier recording of instances where money was saved


“Savings Coach interacts with users through a fun mascot called Ace the Eagle, which can speak and formulate certain responses, effectively creating a basic conversation with users.

On the back end, Savings Coach crunches financial data and recommends a daily amount of money that users should have in their savings.”



Concepting of product


USAA and Nuance teams worked together closely in effort to develop an app that would pro-actively assist their millenial members in saving money.

A gameification method ultimately was chosen as the concept for the app, to engage users in a game that is a unique solution to other money-saving apps on the market.


A sample of the many wireframes built during the concepting phase. Whiteboarding, sketches, and prototype wireframes were used.


It was necessary to communicate to stakeholders how each piece would function in order to receive buyoff for development



“In a four-month trial pilot, USAA says that Savings Coach helped a cohort of 800 participants save a total of nearly $120,000.”


“Savings Coach, unlike most financial apps, is a proactive virtual assistant. And that’s the wave of the future in fintech customer experience—technology that is both personalized and able to anticipate future needs or scenarios.

For example, Savings Coach can predict what days a user will buy coffee based on past behaviors, and reward them with a badge or move money into savings when it sees they’ve shown restraint and skipped a day.”

—Text from a case study conducted by Bank Director



Visual design direction


“The millennial consumer faces many challenges unique to that generation, like low savings, high student loan debt and housing prices that are beyond the reach of many of them.

What USAA and Nuance realized is that by applying new thinking to existing problems and technologies, they’re providing millennials with their own personal savings coach, which could be their Ace in the hole.”


Sample of design spec document detailing functionality


UI samples