Oceana Leaf Earrings

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Oceana Leaf Earrings


 One of a kind

The water-inspired Oceana collection features rare specimens of gem silica from Arizona framed within American sterling silver. This stone, a prized form of chalcedony, is found in the deep desert yet looks like water's movement has solidified into rock. Water is the sacred source of life in the desert and the turquoise, emerald-colored swirls within the gem silica seem to be a physical representation of the desert's longing for agua de la vida. Wear this stone as a talisman to bring more of water's life giving properties—creation, abundance, flow—into your life.

These earrings are a size suitable for everyday wear with everything! The metal has been weathered and antiqued to give the feel of a well loved and treasured belonging.

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✧ 2" total length
✧ 5 cm total length

✧ Sterling silver
✧ Gem silica