Work History

Christi Pier

Graphic Designer, Creative & Art Director
User Experience Designer

For the past 15 years, I have worked as a multi-disciplined designer, director, and educator. My work has varied, yet it has always centered on giving voice and vision to ideas and items that may help others.

My areas of focus have consisted of the following:

  • Branding and rebranding of businesses small and large

  • Product packaging and photography

  • Websites for bloggers, artists, art galleries, and e-commerce

  • Custom lettering and typefaces

  • Illustrations and storyboards

  • Promotion and marketing material for fine artists, bands, and music venues

  • Wide-reaching advertising campaigns for universities

  • Human-centered user experience design and optimization within various technologies: mobile apps, automotive systems, customer service, enterprise software

  • Member and sometimes-director of teams consisting of creatives, engineers, scientists, doctoral researchers, business leaders, and corporate executives

  • AI technology for international tech, automotive, and banking clients

  • Software for tech companies within advertising and the music industry

  • University-level instructor of Graphic Design



Small businesses, Artists, Creators, Startups

These are my favorite, and the sort of work I seek.
I love helping the new folks, the ones rising, those in need of something more.


During my ten years in the San Francisco Bay Area, I worked with these guys. I’m thankful for the wealth of diverse experience, and for those that were genuine and inspiring.

Capitol Records
SoftBank Japan
TD Bank Toronto
University of San Francisco
University of California, Berkeley



Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Web Design & New Media at Academy of Art, San Francisco, CA

Travel and periods of living in various areas of the US and Northern Europe

I also spend time learning as a silversmith & jeweler, photographer, occasional writer, wanderer, and studier of plants. I will most happily do these upon request!

User Experience & Human-Centered
Software Design Portfolio & CV

Available upon request

Let's Work Together

My varied background and love for creating useful and beautiful things has given me a most sturdy foundation to meet nearly any design request that is needed.

I am seeking to work with anyone who has a vision for their product, art, business, et cetera that aligns with what I am able to provide. I love to work on good things that need a voice for being heard and seen in the world.

If you think we would collaborate well, I would love to hear from you!

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