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Raven Guide Talisman

The Raven Talisman, to call in the teachings of Raven King. Ravens are seen throughout lore across the world to be not just symbols of death, but the bringers of light and illumination to the dark places where we may find ourselves. Their wisdom is a lamp to walk alongside us during our journey through the unknown. Our own metaphorical death is not an occurrence to be feared, we can die and be reborn each day with new and wondrous feathers if we choose. Let Raven teach you how to walk in these places without fear, and be guided to the side of Light.


Spirit Journey Talisman

The idea for this design came to me after walking around the land of Chaco Canyon in New Mexico. They, as have many cultures, imprinted this spiral symbol onto rock where it has lasted for over a thousand years. The spiral is said to represent a person's journey inward and outward, to our source, our true selves, our infinite being. This is not a 'new age' idea, it has been around for millennia. I have found that since opening to this symbol and the collective memory of all of our journeys, I have spiraled in deeper to my own. I created this talisman to be your keeper on your own journey, wherever and whenever that may be. The road is beckoning before you.